PNRSA (2014) Inc


Brigadier (BRIG, Rtd) Evan J Torrance, OBE

Vice Patrons 

Colonel (COL) Ben Bagley, Commander, 1 (NZ) Brigade, Linton Military Camp

Group Captain (GPCPT) Peter Gibson, Commander, RNZAF Base Ohakea

Executive Committee


Wing Commander (WGCDR) Dr Peter R Hurly, OStJ, DSD, JCD, RNZAF

Vice President, Convenor of Military Heritage, Media, and PNCC Liaison

Joe Hollander 

Secretary, BPN Liaison

Mike Oliver


Brian Gemmell

Committee Members

Inez Avenell          Social Activities Convenor

Nick Dymock        Merchandise Convenor

Val Lamb              Welfare Trust Liaison, Women's Section Convenor, Newsletter

Gordon Smith       Membership Convenor

Bruce Willis          Service Graves Restoration, NZRA Convenor

Appointments and Other Key Contributers

WO2 Bernie Nichol, RNZE        Linton Camp Liaison

Tony van Rysewyk                      Webmaster and Facebook

David Hartley                             Webmaster and Facebook Assist

PNRSA Welfare Trust

Chair, PNRSA Welfare Trust                                               Evan Torrance 


PNRSA Welfare Trust Local Support Advisors          Linda Haddon, Mike O'Connor, Alby Armstrong,  Tony Smith