Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting will appear on this page.

Minutes of the PNRSA (2014) Inc Annual General Meeting held at 24 Linton Street on Sunday 26 September 2021 at 11.00 am

Present: Peter Hurly (Chair), Mayor Grant Smith, Patron Arthur Lockwood, Vice Patron Group Captain Rob Shearer, Ian Bailey, Gordon Smith, Rosemary Hollander, Barbara Woodward, Inez Avenell, Val Lamb, Kevin Hicks, Cliff Parker, Bruce Willis, Leigh Murray, Tim Scott, Brian Gemmell, Andrea Drysdale, Mike Oliver, Janet Darvill, Anne Baker, Margaret Smith, Albie Armstrong, Marjorie Hickson, Bob Hartnell, Merlyn Drew, Jack Finegan, Barbara Papuni, Mike O’Connor, Claudia Thompson, John Busch, Carole King, Una Chadwick, Ray Symons, Pat Symons, Evan Torrance, Joe Hollander (Minutes).
(36 attendees).

The Ode: The meeting commenced at 1104hrs with The Ode recited in Te Reo Māori by Albie Armstrong and in English by Peter Hurly.

Vice Patron Colonel Stefan Michie, Rex Pennell, District President Jack Steer, District Support Manager Gavin Smith, Sam Dermody, Command SM, 1 (NZ) Brigade WO1 Ray Kareko, Tony Smith, George Best, Kathriona Benvie and Mark Dunwell (10)

Motion: That apologies be accepted.
Moved: Mike Oliver Seconded: Jack Finegan Carried

Call for Proxies: Nil

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and extended a special welcome to Mayor Grant Smith, Patron Arthur Lockwood, Vice Patron Group Captain Rob Shearer and Bowls PN President John Dunlop. The Chair acknowledged that we have lost 20 members this year, in particular Alan Johnston (a PNRSA Past President) and Harry Komene (Local (Welfare) Support Adviser), plus some from the Women’s Section.

Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting:
Minutes of the previous annual general meeting were pre-circulated and taken as read.

Motion: That the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 13 September 2020 be accepted as a true and accurate record.
Moved: Rosemary Hollander Seconded: Ian Bailey Carried

Matters Arising: Nil

President’s Report:
President Peter Hurly read his report and said the PNRSA has been active during the year, despite the challenges of Covid. He stated that the welfare of present and past service personnel and members is the main reason for the RSA’s being established in 1915 and that this still applies today.

The Chair thanked members of the Executive Committee for their efforts over the past year, in keeping the PNRSA operating. We have had a presence at all City military commemorations and heritage observances, including the 2020 Armistice Day parade and service, 2021 ANZAC Day parades and services, including the Charter parade and the NZ Remembrance Army services graves restoration project at our cemeteries. Thanks were also expressed to our Patron and Vice Patrons, for their support. Peter concluded by stating that Palmerston North deserves an RSA, and we need to continue to support and grow our PNRSA.

Motion: That the President’s report for 2020-21 be adopted.
Moved: Peter Hurly Seconded: Grant Smith Carried

Annual Financial Report:
The Treasurer (Kevin Hicks) presented his report, which had received a successful review by Auditor Sibi Thomas and showing the bank/financial balance for the year ended 30 June 2021 as $30,645.50 with an excess of income over expenditure of $6,906.44 for the year.

Motion: That the Annual Financial Report for 2020-21 be accepted
Moved: Kevin Hicks Seconded: Ian Bailey Carried

Motion: That Treasurer Kevin Hicks be commended and thanked for his efforts in managing and reporting our financial administration and enabling us to meet our financial recovery.

Moved: Joe Hollander Seconded: Ray Symons Carried

The Treasurer also mentioned that the Executive Committee had recommended that the subs to remain as they are for the coming year, without change.

Election of Officers:
The Chair advised that the Executive Committee had to stand down in accordance with the Rules, but that there were no nominations received. The Executive decided to stand again, and this was accepted by the meeting. Therefore, the incoming Executive would include the following names/appointments:

Position Name Nominated by: Seconded by:
President Peter Hurly All appointments were presented en bloc for re-election.
Vice President Joe Hollander “
Secretary Vacant “
Treasurer Kevin HIcks “
Committee Ian Bailey “
Gordon Smith “
Val Lamb “
Inez Avenell “
Barbara Woodward “
Linton Camp rep Sam Dermody By Appointment

Motion: That the election of the outgoing PNRSA Executive Committee shown above, be approved.
Moved: Mike Oliver Seconded: Leigh Murray Carried

Nominations from the Floor: Jack Finegan volunteered to join the Executive Committee.

Motion: That Jack Finegan be elected to the Executive Committee for the coming year.
Moved: Val Lamb Seconded: Inez Avenell Carried

Footnote: Following the conclusion of the meeting, Mike Oliver volunteered to fill the vacant Secretary appointment, taking over from Joe Hollander (as current Temporary Secretary and previously Rosemary Hollander).

Patrons and Vice Patrons
Motion: That Arthur Lockwood and the two commanders of 1 (NZ) Brigade at Linton Camp and RNZAF Base Ohakea continue as Patron and Vice Patrons respectively.
Moved: Mike O’Connor Seconded: Jack Finegan Carried

Appointment of Auditor/Reviewer
Motion: That Sibi Thomas be re-appointed Auditor/Reviewer for the next financial year.
Moved: Ian Bailey Seconded: Kevin Hicks Carried

Approval of Rule Changes
The Chair and Vice President and Compliance Officer, Joe Hollander, explained the need to update the PNRSA Rules and bring them into alignment with the RNZRSA National Rules. The amendments were only of a cosmetic and minor nature. They will need to be further updated again next year, to align with the RNZRSA National Rules and new Incorporated Societies Act.

Motion: That the updated (Version 4 – September 2021) Rules of the PNRSA (2014) Inc be approved.
Moved: Joe Hollander Seconded: Brian Gemmell Carried

Report from the PNRSA Welfare Trust
The PNRSA President and Chair invited Mike O’Connor, on behalf of the Chair of the PNRSA Welfare Trust, to deliver his report for the year. The detailed report was tabled and accepted, along with grateful thanks from the PNRSA Executive and members.

Women’s Section Report:
Section Convenor Val Lamb tabled her report for the year. She noted that in 2012, the Section had 82 members, that was down to 39 now. They still function, meet regularly, and provide support to PNRSA activities, which was appreciated.

Votes of Thanks:
• Patron Arthur Lockwood (now approaching 97) thanked the PNRSA for what it was doing and emphasised the important role of “people helping people”.
• Vice Patron Group Captain Rob Shearer also thanked the PNRSA for its contribution and the provision of welfare support to service personnel. He commented upon the current challenges of Op PROTECT, along with attempting to conduct normal operations, whilst maintaining MIQF duties and RNZAF commitments, like the evacuation from Afghanistan, etc.
• Mayor Grant Smith thanked the PNRSA for the valuable work it is doing, and support given to servicemen and women. He acknowledged the challenges with Covid and thanked us for our contribution to City military heritage commemorations. He also acknowledged the importance of a close working relationship with our Charter partners at Linton Camp and RNZAF Base Ohakea.
• Bowls PN President John Dunlop acknowledged the close and positive working relationship with the PNRSA and looked forward to this continuing in the future. Also, to note the new signage being installed, with showed that Bowls PN was the home of the PNRSA.

General Business:
• Military commemorations: Following a prompt from the Mayor, the Chair sought a show of hands for the status quo in terms of continuing to observe Armistice Day, as well as the various City parades and services for ANZAC Day Dawn and Civic services. The meeting showed that there was a majority in favour of maintaining the status quo in these commemorations and activities.
• Life Membership: A number of current PNRSA members were original Life Members of the old PNRSA, (in Broadway Avenue) and it was considered that they should be reinstated as Life Members of the new PNRSA (2014) Inc.

Motion: That Arthur Lockwood, Mike O’Connor, Val Lamb, Alby Armstrong, and Merlyn Drew all be approved as Life members of the PNRSA (2014) Inc.

Moved: Mike Oliver Seconded: Ian Bailey Carried

• RSA Merchandise: Ian Bailey spoke briefly to the meeting noting the range of merchandise available for purchase. He thanked his co-salespersons (Barbara Woodward, Inez Avenell and Gordon Smith) and encouraged members to approach him if merchandise items were required.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 1153hrs.