Membership of the PNRSA

Who may join the PNRSA? You don't have to be a Returned or Serving member of the Armed Forces, applications for membership are welcome from anyone who is an adult citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand or any other Commonwealth country.

The PNRSA has the following categories of membership:
Returned Member
Any person who is serving or has served overseas in time of war, emergency, in an operational or occupational force, or multinational observers for, or ad hoc force as determined from time to time by RNZRSA including serving and ex-members of the NZ Police Force.

Service Member
Any person who has served or is serving as a uniformed member of the Armed/Defence Forces or the Police Force of New Zealand and who does not possess the necessary service qualifications for Returned membership.

Ordinary Member
• The spouse or surviving spouse of any person who is or is entitled to become a Returned or a Service member;
• Children or grandchildren of a member or of a person entitled to become a Returned or a Service member;
• Any person who, subject to the rules of the PNRSA, and on approval by the Executive Committee of the PNRSA.

Youth Member
Youth members may be admitted at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the PNRSA.

Corporate Member
Come and have a talk to us about Corporate Membership

Returned or Service Member $35
Ordinary Member (Neither Returned or service) $35
Widow of Returned or Service Member $20
Returned or Service Member 80+ years $20
Currently serving NZ Defence Force or NZ Police Force:  Free Membership
Returned or Service Member 90+ years: Free

If you are currently with another RSA anywhere in the country and you are being transferred or moving to Palmerston North, you might consider transferring your membership to the PNRSA for convenience. You will still be entitled to go into any PNRSA in the country, including your old one..

Applications can be sent to our email address as an attachment, or to our postal address. Details can be found under 'Contact Us' on our website.
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• PNRSA members belong to a nationwide voluntary welfare organisation committed to the rich tradition of comradeship and community service that characterises the PNRSA. All members are welcome to visit and enjoy the recreational facilities of RSAs throughout the country, take part in social and sporting events, or simply relax in congenial surroundings close to home.

• Joining the PNRSA provides great fellowship and a strong sense of belonging. By joining the Palmerston North PNRSA you will be affiliated to RSAs throughout New Zealand, Australia and beyond.

• Membership of the PNRSA brings easy access to welfare and pensions advice; social and sporting opportunities; member only promotions from financial institutions. If you're a Returned or Service member, you are also eligible for subsidies on doctors/specialist fees when you apply through the PNRSA Trust.

• You can also get great discounts at a huge range of stores. Have a look at the bottom of the home page of the RSA's national website: All of these stores offer discounts and great benefits.