2 April 2024

Office Hours:  Monday and Friday (except Public Holidays) 1pm - 3pm, and Wednesday 4pm - 5.00pm
Club Night:  Wednesday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at Bowls Palmerston North Club Rooms Lounge, Linton Street.

Membership and Subscriptions

Subscriptions were due on the 1st July, our Treasurer Kevin has either posted or emailed out notices.  As per the rules you have 30 days to comply.   You can either pay by internet, or come into the office and pay by cash.

PNRSA (2014) Inc Account Number 06 0746 0384063 00 or cash at the office.  Don't forget to put your NAME and LAST FOUR DIGITS of your membership number in the reference if you're paying by internet banking.

I take this opportunity in thanking those that have paid and to those that have given a donation. Give us a call on 06 354 8271 to see if your new card has arrived.

Subscription for 2023 – 2024:

  • $35 for members under 80 years of age.
  • $20 for members over 80 years of age, up to 90 years of age and widows.
  • Free for members over 90 years of age and serving members.

Please come and collect your membership card before we close on the 13th December. You may need your card if you're travelling over the holidays and want to visit other RSAs/Clubs. The BPN cannot help with any enquiries or get your membership card.

Club Activities


Wednesday, 3 April:  Celebrating Alan Cull’s 100th Birthday, Cake, Nibbles & Raffle

Wednesday, 10 April: 'Cook's Night Off' - For all the cooks of the house take time out and come down to the Greenside Eatery BPN with Gary and Mere on the 10th April. Blackboard menu, reasonable prices

Wednesday, 17 April:  Yap Yap Nibbles and Raffle

Wednesday, 24 April:  Members' Draw

In the next few weeks information about the Midday and Evening Presentations plus ANZAC info will be sent out to the membership.

17 Apr 24 – install 1944 (80th) anniversary military history display at PNCLibrary (until 22 May 24);

POPPY DAY Friday 19th April

Military Presentation update for 24 Apr 24 – next EPLP session commemorating the 160th anniversary of QAMR, at the PNCL (Mezzanine Floor, 1815 for 1830 start);


After PN Dawn Service, Breakfast at the Cossie Club $10.00 pp

ANZAC Day activities in PN (Dawn Service 06am & Civic Service 09am),

LintonMC (0600),

Ashhurst (0600 & 1200),

Bunnythorpe 10.30,

 Maori Battalion Hall (10.30).

You are welcome to go along to the BPN lounge when they are open.  Most Friday’s the Greenside Eatery is open for meals. Check by phoning 027 5794477. It’s a very friendly club and I’m sure you will enjoy the atmosphere.



The Manawatu Theatre Society are putting on a production of “A Time like This”, by local writer and Director Jackie Davis. This play is set in modern times, around a WWI veteran reminiscing about his experiences in the war, and his experience as an old person in modern times. This play runs from April 18 to 27 in The Globe Theatre (Globe 2).

We are planning to run a matinee performance on Anzac Day.


Poppy Day for 2024 has been confirmed for Friday 19 April.

Before you know it, that date will be here. If you can help sell Poppies please contact

Either Evan Torrance 3549914 or 0276474337 Or Mike O’Connor 3589983


The PNRSA Executive requires an assistant to help with Treasury accounts. We are not a large Association therefore will not too time-consuming.  If you could be of help and are interested, please ring President Peter on 021 455 069 or email


Veteran's Affairs  

Check out their website or Facebook, or call us 0800 483 8372   Our phone lines are open from 9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday.

There is now more information on our website about processing times. This update includes average waiting times for some commonly claimed entitlements and some examples of why processing times vary. We will continue to update this web page with the current timeframes. We are very sorry for the delays in resolving claims for entitlements. We continue to look for ways and take steps to process the claims quicker.

    Veterans' Independence Programme 

    If you are an eligible veteran you can apply for a service from the Veterans’ Independence Programme (VIP) by going to this page on our website and then download and then complete the VIP application form. If you are already a client of Veterans’ Affairs and have a case manager, please don’t apply, you can catch up with your case manager about your needs.

    VIP is a non-urgent needs-based programme, and it aims to help veterans with qualifying service, who don’t have access to any other support, to stay safely in their own homes. If they have more complex requirements, we recommend that they approach their GP to access more appropriate community support through Te Whatu Ora. If the veteran has a service-related health condition, we would like them to make a claim before applying for a VIP service.



    11 Apr (MMMHP) – The next MMMHP session will be held at midday in the Terrace Lounge at the Awapuni Racecourse.  MAJ Andrew Brookes, XO, DHO, RNZAMC, Executive Officer of the Deployable Health Organisation (or DHO, located at Linton Camp) will be speaking on the 110th anniversary of the establishment of the NZ Medical Corps at Awapuni, during WW1.  Refreshments will be served from 11:30 in the Terrace Lounge.  Following the conclusion of the presentation, attendees will have the opportunity to walk over to and visit the Awapuni Medical Memorial close by, within the Racecourse grounds.

    24 Apr (Wed - EPLP) – “The 160th Anniversary of QAMR”, by LTCOL Jacob Murray, RNZIR, Commanding Officer, Queen Alexandra’s Mounted Rifles (QAMR), Linton Military Camp.

    9 May 24 – next MMMHP session – “Konfrontasi” - 60th anniversary of the Borneo/Malaysian Conflict, by WO1 (Rtd) Dave Hayward at PNCL;



    “Purple Poppy Day” recognised internationally on the 24th February,  acknowledges service animals, particularly those that gave their lives in conflict.  It is estimated that more than 16 million animals served during WW1 and more  than eight million animals died. 20,000 Dogs serving Britain and her allies,  500,000 cats served in the trenches of the western front as there was serious  problems with rats. The cats also detected gas. More than 100,000 pigeons served  Britain in WW1 and 200,000 in WW2.  

    Between 1914-1916 the NZ government acquired more than 10,000 horses to  serve in German Samoa, at Gallipoli, the Middle East and on the Western Front.  4,000 of these were draught used for artillery & transport purposes. Only four  horses were repatriated from France to England in March 1919 and subjected to  12 months quarantine, they arrived back home in NZ in July 1920. They were  Beauty, Dolly, Nigger and Bess. Bess continued to help Captain Powles perform  his duties as commander at the GHQ school at Trentham and then headmaster at  Flock House (Bulls) an agricultural training school for the dependants of war  veterans. Bess died on land near Flock House in 1934 and a memorial was  erected where she has been buried. 

    The Purple poppy was created in 2006 by a UK charity “Animal Aid” to  commemorate animals which served during conflicts as they had been the  forgotten victims’ of war. 

    NZ born Nigel Allsopp who lives in Australia, is the President of the “Australian  War Animals” and the Ambassador representing Australia and NZ for service  animals plus is the ANZAC representative for the UK Blue Cross Awards. In February 2018 Nigel was asked to establish the NZ War animal memorial at  the Army National Museum in Waiouru. Australia raised funds and purchased a  bronze statue. The unveiling was held on the 24th February. In June 2018 a  plaque which was donated by the Australian War Animal Memorial Org was  presented to the NZ Veterinary Ass as a tribute to the men and women that cared  for all the animals during WW1. This plaque is housed at Massey University in  Palmerston North ( NZ’s only Veterinary school ) 

    It came to our women’s sections attention in February 2018, when told about the  unveiling in Waiouru, that Australia along with many other countries were  acknowledging their service animals, something NZ had not been doing. The  Waikato, B.O.P Women’s Section District Sections decided to mark the 24th  February 2019 with the first “Purple Poppy Day” in NZ to get our own war and  service animals recognised.  

    In 2019 the RNZRSA National Women’s Assn were given the responsibility by  RNZRSA of looking after and running all matters relating to our “NZ Service  Animals” and the “Purple Poppy”. That same year the RNZRSA National  Women’s established the first Welfare Fund for the “NZ Service Animals &  Memorials”, the aim of this fund is to provide financial support to service and  ex service animals in need. 

    We do not at this stage see the 24th February “purple Poppy Day” as a street  appeal. We see this as an ongoing project for our RSA Women’s Sections to  embrace, along with their communities, and to raise funds and awareness as well as  honouring our four-legged and winged veteran’s.  

    Since 2010 the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation have established 35  war animal memorials within Australia and Internationally. 

    On the 19th December 2020 Bess, a horse from WW1 was honoured with the  “Blue Cross” from the UK. This is the highest award given to a service animals  (the equivalent of the Victoria Cross). In June 2019 Caesar, a NZ WW1 dog was  awarded the first Blue Cross for NZ which is on display at the National Army  Museum in Waiouru. The 2021 Recipient was a dog named “Gunner” from  Afghanistan. His Blue Cross is also on display at the Museum. 

    In June 2021 an unveiling at Whenuapai Air Force Base which done of a bronze  statue and plaque in Recognition Of the amazing work by our RNZAF Military  Working Dogs.  

    In November 2021 a plaque was placed on the Cenotaph in Rangiora (Christchurch) to all the animals that served in wars and conflicts making this the first plaque to be placed on a cenotaph to honour our NZ Service animals for their  service. 

    On the 24th of February 2023 a plaque was placed in Nelson also to honour our NZ service animals. 

    Also on the 24th February 2023 a plaque was placed on the wall of remembrance in  Levin to honour the pets and mascots that paid a very important part of our  military culture,and a simple distraction from the grim realities of war. 

    We Honour all our NZ service  

    animal past and present for  

    their service and faithfulness. 

    Written by:  

    Diane Wilson  

    RNZRSA National Women’s  


    New Members

    We welcome the following members to our Club:  Bevan Hefferen

    Happy Birthday

    Birthday Greetings to those that have a Birthday in April: Kevin Hicks, Arthur Hudson, Barbara Papuni, Jenni Kearins, Eileen O’Brien, Janet Darvill, & Michele Waitoa

    PNRSA Welfare Trust

    The RSA Trust is located at the Senior Citizens Lounge, Main Street, Opposite the Globe Theatre. The Trust operates on  Tuesday’s 9.45am -11.45. For enquiries, please ring  Mike O'Connor 06 358 9983 or Albie Armstrong  06 3586881

    - Poppy Day for 2024 has been confirmed for Friday 19 April. If you can help sell Poppies please contact Evan Torrance, 06 3549914 or 027 6474337, or Mike O’Connor 06 358 9983

    Remembrance Army Working Bees

    If you can help, please contact Ian Bailey 06 356 7517.

    The Manawatu co-ordinator for the NZ Remembrance Army has ceramic poppies available to place on service graves in the area. If you would like one, please contact Sarah Cole on 021 2930333  or with grave details.

    Please note: They are not to go in RSA sections or on CWG, so must be in a public section. Please also advise if you would like a clean and/or restoration.

    A donation to the NZRA would be appreciated though the givealittle address.

    RAZA Pool Club

    Club nights held on Thursday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Why not pop down and join them. As Harry would often have said “let the cue do the talking”

    RSA Womens' Section

    We are very proud of our National Women Section President Mrs Diane Christine Wilson receiving in the new years honours list As “MEMBER OF THE NEW ZEALAND ORDER OF MERIT” DIANE has been involved in many activities, eg.

    A strong advocate for the purple poppy, Diane helps run the New Zealand Service Animals and Memorials welfare fund.


    SMILE TIME  At one Army base, the annual trip to the rifle range had been cancelled for the second year in a row, but the semi-annual physical fitness test was still on as planned. One soldier mused: "Does it bother anyone else that the Army doesn't seem to care how well we can shoot, but they are extremely interested in how fast we can run?"
    An Air Force officer goes to the men's room and walks up to a urinal. As he's taking care of business, the Soldier from the next stall walks by and is headed for the door without washing his hands. The Air Force officer says, "Soldier, in the Air Force they teach us to wash our hands after we pee." The soldier responds, "Well, sir, in the Army they teach us not to pee on our hands."