Women's Section

The Palmerston North RSA Women’s Section was formed in 1946, soon after the “Soldiers Club” name was changed to the “Palmerston North Returned & Services Association”.

The Section assists with the Anzac Day functions, particularly the after-Dawn Parade breakfast and other Association welfare and social activities. Section members also visit other RSA Women’s Sections about the Manawatu and Whanganui area, as well as other trips throughout the year to places of interest.

All female members of the RSA can join the Section, where they currently have 50 members, including six on the local Section committee. They still have one of the first Women’s Section members who joined up in the late 1940s.

The Section meets at 1.30pm on the third Monday of each month, at 168 Fitzherbert Avenue in Palmerston North, where they have a variety of speakers and demonstrators.

For contact, Women’s Section Convenor – Val Lamb on (06) 357-2517.

NZ RSA National Women’s Section Conference and Annual General Meeting 2022

Carole, Janet, and I went to the NZRSANWS AGM (which we call NWA) that was hosted by Levin W/S on Tuesday 31st May. 

There was 28 W/S from all over the Nth Island, plus their Observers and 11 Guests a total of 105.  12 apologies. President of the RNZRSA B J Clark, spoke very highly of the W/S throughout the country, as did Deputy Levin Mayor Jo Mason.  Veterans Affairs Gerard Wood (senior advisor) & Angela Southam (case manager) still pushing for the veterans who had been in nuclear areas from WW2 & other areas of conflict.  And the NWA are still following up the remit with regards to Breast screening.  Despite numerous communications with government officials, no more progress has been made on getting the breast cancer screening age raised.  The NWA have declared they will not let this matter go without a fight so they will keep lobbying on our behalf.  These concerns are not being able to access free Breast Screens over the age of 69 without paying. BJ Clark also spoke on this last year and said a letter backing this proposal from RNZRSA was sent, requesting 2 or more free screenings particularly if there is a family history of breast cancer.

The NWA also donates to the NZ Service Animal and Memorials, several District W/S RSA’s support in helping these animals with vet bills etc.

Speaker Carole Brungar, who is an Award-winning NZ Author, has written several books about the Vietnam War, though her books are classed fiction she has gone to Vietnam a couple of times and researched on many facts.  Very enlightening.

When it came to reports I had emailed Levin to say we have a member who makes most of our meetings. Ada started W/S in the 1950’s when PNRSA (then known as the Soldiers Club) started in Cuba St, Ada Pike is going to be 102 in August.

All in all, Levin W/S put on a good meeting.  And the NWA committee are doing wonderful work and representing and keeping the Sections on the map.  This was also acknowledged by RNZRSA Executive and District Presidents.

We seemingly missed a good night prior to the AGM fun and laughter was had at the Levin RSA.  A long day on Tuesday, but well worth going to and to meet up with many W/S’s

The NWA President Diane Wilson thanked Levin RSA & the W/S for hosting the AGM.  She also thanked all the Sections for making the effort to come along.

The purple poppy symbolises all animals who have died during conflict. It is estimated that more than 8 million animals sacrificed their lives in World War I alone. To commemorate the animals that have served and those that continue to, you can wear a purple poppy and feel proud. 

President Val Lamb on behalf of PNRSA Women’s Section